Tax Information

Tax Obligations for International Students & Scholars

As an international student or scholar, you are legally required to file a tax return if you worked in the U.S. or received a stipend, grant, or allowance. If you did not work or receive income in the US, you are still legally obligated to file Form 8843 with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  

Missouri S&T has a cooperative agreement with Sprintax, a company that provides software to assist international students and scholars with meeting IRS tax requirements. Under this agreement, international students are provided free access to the software.  The Sprintax software will guide you through the process, and help you prepare the necessary tax documents to file your Federal tax return. In some instances, Sprintax may be used to prepare documents for State tax returns, but costs may apply.    

Request a FREE Sprintax Access Code

A unique access code will be given to all currently enrolled students/scholars and students who are active on OPT/STEM OPT/Academic Training. To request your access code, email your full name and student/scholar ID to

Below are links to additional resources to assist you with understanding your tax obligations:

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