Current Sponsored Students

Sponsored Student Services is here for you! 

During your degree program with Missouri S&T, there will be no better place to get help than Sponsored Student Services. 

What to expect! 

  • Assistance with Campus Departments
  • Resources for Local Places in Rolla!
  • Specialized Assistance with your Sponsor!
  • Cultural Events and Programming! Come Explore Missouri with us!

Sponsored Student Services understands that your updated financial support letters may take some time to gain from your sponsor because of the required outstanding documents. To help ensure that your financial support letter meets our requirements, the financial guarantee must be formally addressed to Missouri S&T, and must include the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Duration of sponsorship validity
  • Approved major and degree level
  • List of expenses covered by the sponsor that should be invoiced
  • Sponsor’s billing information, including contact name, mailing address, and email address

Invoices for tuition and fees will be sent directly to your sponsoring agency for payment. Personal charges to your student account are your responsibility. For payment schedules and information about late fees and finance charges, visit the Cashier’s Office website

If you are unable to provide a valid financial guarantee, you must submit a personal financial statement to maintain your immigration status.

Certification of Enrollment, Verifications of Non-traditional Courses, and Degree Verifications. 

The Office of the Registrar can provide certification of enrollment for current students and alumni. Students may obtain documentation for:

  • Enrollment status
  • Anticipated graduation date
  • Dates of attendance
  • Begin/end dates of term
Unofficial Transcript

If you need a document detailing the courses you are enrolled in for the term, you can obtain your unofficial transcript from Joe’SS.

To access your academic profile:

  1. Log in to Joe’SS (
  2. Under Main Menu, go to Self Service > Academic Records > Request Unofficial Transcript
Transcripts and Mid-Term Grades

Your sponsor may require mid-term grade reports or official transcripts. Sponsored Student Services provides these reports to your sponsors upon request. Missouri S&T requires written authorization from you to release your academic record to your sponsor. We must have an up to date Transcript and Information Release Form. 

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment allows you to take courses at another school while enrolled at Missouri S&T. All required classes are available at Missouri S&T; however, the University may allow transfer credits from accredited institutions. Your scholarship requirements may restrict concurrent enrollment.   

You should follow your study plan to complete the required courses and graduate on time. It is your responsibility to be aware of your scholarship’s concurrent enrollment policy. Contact if you have any questions about your sponsor’s requirements.

All students seeking approval must complete the . Sponsored Student Services must sign it after your academic advisor approves the request.

Online Classes

Your scholarship may restrict online classes. Before you enroll in an online course, please verify your sponsor approves online coursework. Contact if you have questions about your sponsor’s requirements. 

International students are required to have health insurance. If your sponsor provides approved medical health insurance, you will be waived from the university health insurance. We must receive a copy of an approved coverage plan from your sponsor before you are waived from the university insurance.


If your sponsor does not provide health insurance, you will be automatically enrolled in the university health insurance. Depending on your scholarship, the charge will be added to your student account or billed to your sponsor.

For questions about university health insurance, please contact

Missouri S&T offers a wide variety of additional services to students sponsored by third parties. This includes but is not limited to assistance with transportation, housing, cultural programming, and more. Students can expect additional resources to assist them with their programs and Sponsors can expect additional assistance with communicating with their students.