Sponsored Student Services

Missouri S&T is proud to work with and welcomes international sponsored students from around the world. The Office of International Enrollment serves as the direct liaison between sponsoring agencies and Missouri S&T. 

What is a Sponsored Student?

Sponsored students receive financial support from an outside organization, such as a corporation, nonprofit organization, or foreign government. Students receiving funds from family members, friends, or through education loans are not considered to be Sponsored. Students receiving financial support through academic departments are also not considered sponsored students. These sponsoring agencies are the primary source of funding for the student’s educational expenses. A third-party billing agreement is established between Missouri S&T and the sponsoring agency. Sponsors provide their students with a financial guarantee letter that specifies the educational costs that are covered by their scholarship.

Manager of Sponsored Student Services

Contact Information

Office Address: 300 West 12th Street, 106 Centennial Hall, Rolla, Missouri 65409

Email: slonej@mst.edu

Phone: 573-341-4791

Our Services

We provide a variety of services to students and their sponsoring agencies.