I-20/DS-2019 Issuance

I-20/DS-2019 Issuance

To receive an I-20/DS-2019 from Missouri S&T, you must be invited and log in to the ISSS Gateway Portal.

  • The ISSS Gateway will guide you through the I-20/DS-2019 Issuance process.
  • The invitation to the ISSS Gateway Portal will be emailed to your S&T email account.  
  • Note: You will need to pay the enrollment fee to obtain access to the portal. If you want to learn more about the ISSS Gateway Portal, please click here.



  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Guarantee for Sponsored Students
  • Dependents

Financial Statements

    All Financial Statements 

    Please submit a financial statement in English with the following:

    • Name on the account holder. 
    • Types of acceptable accounts: checking, savings, current or deposit account.
    • Total Available Balance
    • Dated within 18 months prior to the program start date or extended/intended date of enrollment.
    • Official Stamp or Signature of Bank Official 
    • Official letterhead that includes: logo, address, email, and telephone number of financial institution.

    Complete Affidavit of Support

    Loan Letters

    Please submit a loan letter translated in English. 

    • Letter must be approved for Educational Expenses.
    • Date of issuance.
    • Official letterhead that includes logo, address, email, and telephone number of financial institution.
    • Amount of loan being given.

    Investment Accounts, Business Accounts, or Certification of Deposits

    The financial institution should sign the financial institution certification form and provide an account statement that specifies the available liquid funds.

    Complete Financial Certification Form

    Non-Acceptable Financial Documents

    • Chartered Accountant Statement.
    • Credit Card Statements.
    • Employer Letters/Salary Statement.
    • Fraternity Scholarships.
    • Life Insurance Statement.
    • Non liquid Investment.
    • Real Estate Statement.
    • Stock Market Statement.
    • Tax Return Documents.
    • Valuation Statement (Jewelry, Gold, Property).

    Financial Guarantee for Sponsored Students

    Sponsored students are on full scholarship from their home government, company, or other sponsoring organization. This does not include funding from family members, friends, or through education loans. For their I-20 or DS-2019 to be issued, we require a financial guarantee letter from the sponsor which includes the following information:

    • Student’s name
    • Beginning semester – must state specific semester (for example, Fall 2017)
    • Major to which student was admitted – must state specific degree program (for example: Petroleum Engineering)
    • Degree level – must state specific degree level (for example: BS or Bachelor’s)
    • Duration of sponsorship
    • If English language training is covered
    • If insurance is covered
    • If the sponsorship covers dependents
    • Stipend amounts

    Financial guarantee letters should be sent to Sponsored Student Services at iasss@mst.edu. If sponsored students or sponsors have any questions about the financial guarantee, please use the email just mentioned.



    Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 years old are considered dependents of F-1/J-1 students.  They can be admitted the United States under the F-2/J-2 non-immigration status.

    To add a dependent, include the required documents listed below and upload to your application status page.

    • Copy of passport for each dependent
    • Copy of marriage certificate for your and your spouse (must be in English)
    • Copy of birth certificate for each child (must be in English)
    • Financial Documentation: An Additional $4,000 of financial support for each dependent is required