Visa Requirements

Some countries require U.S. citizens to obtain an entry visa.  These visas are issued by the embassy of the country you wish to visit.  In certain cases, you must obtain this visa well in advance of your travel, while other countries allow you to obtain the visa at the airport upon arrival.  The U.S. Department of State website has information on visa requirements for Americans traveling abroad that will help you to determine if you need to obtain a visa in advance.  This website is also a good source for cultural facts and background information on the country you are visiting and provides information regarding any current travel warnings issued by the U.S. government.  In order to view this information: 

  • Go to the Americans Traveling Abroad website
  • Click on Country Specific Information.
  • Select the country you plan to visit.
  • Select Entry/Exit Requirements.  This section will provide the visa and passport requirements for the specific country.

Typically, your passport must have 6 months validity remaining upon your expected return to the U.S. in order to obtain a visa.  Most countries require two adjacent empty pages in your passport. It is important to begin this process well in advance. 

Some countries also require that you have a sponsor and/or a letter of invitation from a person or institution in that country in order to obtain a visa.  In addition, these countries may require that Missouri S&T submit an official request for the visa that acknowledges responsibility for you during your visit.  Typically, you must secure this document before applying for the visa.

International Affairs recommends using a reputable visa expediting service that is based in the United States to process your visa requests.  Faculty and staff at Missouri S&T have successfully used several different companies for this purpose.  Currently our office is using A-Briggs Passport and Visa Expeditors to handle visa requests. A-Briggs offers many visa applications online that can be processed electronically for faster turnaround.  This is not the only reputable service provider from which you can choose, but we have had reliable service from them in the past.  Be sure to follow any instructions that they provide carefully to ensure your application is handled properly.