Travel Registration for Students

To register your travel information with the University of Missouri, carefully follow the steps below.  Note that all steps must be completed at one time.  It is not possible to save a travel registration and complete it at a later time.   Be sure to have the following documents available in order to complete your travel registration.

  • Travel plans including dates and locations
  • Emergency contact information: name, address, email address, and one or more phone numbers for at least one person not traveling with you
  • Accommodation information: name, address, telephone number, and email address for all hotels or accommodations during your trip, information may be copied and pasted
  • Preferred contact method: a phone number, email address, Skype account, or other manner in which you may be contacted while traveling
  • Flight itinerary: electronic copy of flight itinerary which will be uploaded into registry
  • Passport copy: electronic copy of your passport which will be uploaded into registry
  • Proof of purchase of travel health insurance from GeoBlue

Steps for travel registration:

  • Go to Click on Login/Register and sign in using your Missouri S&T SSO (user id and password).
  • Select Register Your Travel.
  • Select the appropriate Register Now button, under the section for student traveling internationally.
  • Verify your name and email address are correct.
  • In the current itinerary section, list information for each location where you will be staying during your trip.   
    • Enter the beginning and ending dates for a location
    • Select the location from the drop down list or use the Find Location field
    • Click Add to Itinerary
    • Repeat for each location during your trip
  • Answer questions 1-13, when appropriate uploading a copy of your flight itinerary, passport, and proof of health insurance from GeoBlue.
  • After reading the Assumption of Risk and Release Form for Students, mark “I agree.”
  • Click Update to submit your travel registration.
  • Payment of the international travel registration fee of $32. Payment may be made in the Office of International Affairs in 104 Norwood Hall by credit card, cash, or MO Code and PS Account Code.  Please email or call 573-341-6015 for assistance or questions.