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International Student Advisor (Insurance Services)
104 Norwood Hall
+1 (573) 341-6875

Health Insurance Coverage
Aetna Student Health
+1 (877) 375-7905

Medical Advice
Student Health Services
910 W. 10th St., Rolla
+1 (573) 341-4284

Meet Your Insurance Advisor

A primary goal of the insurance advisor is to educate students about how health insurance works in the United States, how the healthcare system in the United States works, and how to get the highest level of benefit of the health insurance and healthcare system.  The advisor also assists students with finding health care providers, understanding benefits, and assisting with questions about claims. The insurance advisor tracks all J visa scholars and dependents and their insurance coverage for immigration purposes.


International Health, Risk Assessment and Insurance Advisor

International Affairs


Coordinates student health insurance enrollment, provides educational assistance to students with health insurance questions and issues, provides travel resources for all international travelers, coordinates international travel safety and risk management; responsible for coordinating and monitoring Terra Dotta Travel registry.

Student Testimonials

I would like to give special thanks to the Insurance Advisor in International Affairs who helped me a lot with my family's health insurance. "She is a very generous and friendly person. Thanks again Rhonda." 

Jabar Hassan
Ph.D. Graduate
Mathematics and Statistics

I have been working with the Insurance Advisor in International Affairs since the spring 2020 semester around my medications and insurance related concerns, and I am moved by the assistance she has provided throughout. "She never fails to say, “I am here to help you”, “I can further assist you if needed”, “Please do not hesitate to come to talk to me”, which is very encouraging." She also helped me time and again, with my medication questions, talking to my Aetna manager, and making sure I was getting the financial help for my medical equipment from the SEF. Her support was valuable at every step and I appreciate her time and efforts with me.

Simran Bhatia
Graduate Student
Department of Psychological Sciences


The Insurance Advisor in International Affairs was very patient with me from the first time I called to seek clarification and ask questions concerning my insurance and its limit. "She immensely helped me find what I needed. You know the interesting thing is the questions I first asked, like “How do I get to my insurance ID?”, and others I cannot share here, are things I should know but she was very patient with me. She helped with that, and helped me find all sorts of things I needed to know about my insurance. The next time I called about getting my insurance active, she attended to it and got it working when she said it would. There's so much I can share but I will keep it short by saying, Rhonda knows her job, she's helpful, very nice and happy to help. I have received so much help from her in a short time." I'm very grateful.

Daniel Alhassan
Ph.D. Candidate
Mathematics and Statistics