Our Mission

The Office of International Affairs leads Missouri S&T’s efforts to promote international education and increase global awareness on campus and in the community. 

Our Vision

We are the primary resource for campus internationalization by providing first-class service to students and scholars, leading international education efforts, and developing strategic partnerships.

The Office of International Affairs strives to: 

Achieve seamless service for our student and scholar constituents from initial contact, through graduation, employment, and alumni commitment.

Provide leadership for the recruitment and retention of international students and scholars.

Develop programs that cultivate skills required in the competitive global market, so that S&T graduates can demonstrate they are globally competent, culturally sensitive, and aware of the changing international market place.

Foster an environment on the campus and in the greater community, which increases global awareness and cultural competencies.

Create mechanisms for faculty members, staff, and students to engage globally and gain valuable experiential learning opportunities by working with our partners on campus and around the world.

Our Values

Lifelong Success

We add exceptional value.  We help prepare S&T students for life in a global society.  Through a greater understanding of the cultures and traditions of the world, our graduates will become leaders in the international marketplace.


We are innovators.  Through collaboration with entrepreneurs around the world, members of the S&T community will help to develop solutions to the world’s great challenges.  We believe that the promotion of international cooperation and partnership will foster the innovations of the future.


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.  We respect the cultural differences that enrich the S&T community and work to build understanding among its diverse members.


We live by example.  We recognize the interconnected nature of the world and its resources.  We believe that by promoting international goodwill the benefits of scientific innovation will be shared across global boundaries.


We are great partners.  We engage the campus internationally and seek to nurture mutually beneficial collaborations with communities around the world.  We recognize that progress is achieved by working together with those who share our values and commitment to global understanding.


We are an inclusive, welcoming community.  We value the many benefits that international students and scholars bring to the campus.  We respect that differences in perspective promote learning, and we recognize the worth of all people.